Celebrity Holiday Style at Fruttituttibeadcandy

So holiday season is upon us, the suns out and the beach goers will be out in full force. Fashion is all about making us feel great this summer and there are some very chic and easy ways in which we can do this. Take a look at the celebs that are already hitting the beaches of Spain, Tunisia and the Dominican Republic. There are a few fashion trends that we can take inspiration from when doing our summer accessorizing this year.


Less is More 

With the season comes the summer heat, it’s not unusual to see many of the more daring of us sporting the skimpiest bikini’s on the beach. There is more to this than being fashion conscious though, less really is more in the summer months! We adore to stay cool when accessorising too: Team a simple necklace and a few bracelets for quick and easy way to glam up any evening beach outfit. Alternatively a few pieces of arm candy could be more than enough to see you through lazy days on the beach too.



Everything in the warmer months is about colour, the colours in nature and even the colour that we turn after a few hours basking in the sun. The absolute perfect way to show off a tan is with vibrant colour- think pinks! It’s neon oranges and yellows that are also a good tip when on holiday. One of the nicest things, especially when travelling is that all our usual fashion ideals can be changed. For instance, if you normally go for darker colours, that getaway to the maldives could see you wearing pinks and tropical greens! In other words anything goes colour wise while you are away!



Holidays are all about fun- whether you are relaxing on a sandy beach or doing the cultural tourist thing, perhaps even a bit of both! It’s getaways like these that will see you always on the go, so your accessories must also be durable. Leather or cord bracelets make for fun and casual arm decorations, sea shells and glass beads are eclectic when work as unique necklaces or even hair pieces.  If you do opt for lots of jewellery when you are away this year- one bit of advice I would offer is to make it go the distance. Look for tougher hard wearing materials such as metals and cord. This way the last thing you will need to worry about is your accessories, leaving more time to enjoy the sights.

With some of these tips in mind, your accessorising will add to your holiday and make it a super stylish one. 


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