Summer jewellery Chic at Fruttituttibeadcandy

I love this time of year- not only are the flowers and trees in full bloom, but you will find that fashion is at it’s brightest. Long gone are the dull greys and dark rust colours of the winter and autumnal days. Now we are wearing everything from neon oranges, greens as well as hot pinks and purples- shades that we dared not even dream about back in December! Well with the long hot sunny days come the chance to bare those tans too- and there’s nothing that shows off a great tan like a florescent colour- These few months are the perfect time to really make the most of those brilliant bursts of colour! Here are some of my top picks for one of the brightest summers yet:


Polymer clay is one of the most versatile materials around. Find it in all the colours of the rainbow too. I love how one can mix up the colours or create amazing patterns with them. This piece uses this very technique, the beads look as though they could be painted. Splashes of black, pink, yellow and wire adorn these little spheres. Set on a memory wire, use this piece as a bracelet as well as a choker styled necklace for a great summers accessory.


Festival season is upon us, that means we have permission to be as wild as we want with our style. Celebrities and ordinary folk alike have been spotted wearing native American Indian head dresses as well as angel wings at those outdoor events- the quirkier the better in most cases. But what about being feminine? There’s nothing wrong with showing your lady-like side with a pink and green roses tiara- just ideal for a spring wedding, just as chic when worn to any epic night out or summer BBQ. Be the belle of the ball this summer with your very own flower crown.


Not everyone might feel they can pull off neon…But in reality there is a neon for everyone no matter what their style! At their core, these brighter colours are so positive so there is plenty of space to add them to one’s jewellery box. These bright pink earrings are the perfect example of this, mixed with green, this super combination is ideal for the beach. They dangle flawlessly when worn to any evening event. The gold earring hooks and links make this pair something special too.

So right colours are the way to go for the next few months: Make yours stand out with jewellery from Fruttituttibeadcandy! 


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