Red is the colour at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

It’s bright and bold, red can symbolise anything from danger to passion. Find these dynamic palette of colours on beauty products and fashion accessories too. I’m a big fan of all things red and incorporate it into jewellery that makes a true style statement. The darker reds are also great when it comes to vintage styles too-pillar box red is a real top tip for the summer. Thinking about wearing jewellery that fits into the season this year? Strong accents of red will work with almost anything worn. Here are just some ideas on how chic red can look!

Red and blue is a timeless combination in all it’s forms. Choose this lively mix for a touch of the contemporary- it can make for quite a modern looking piece. Here it’s used to make up a Byzantine inspired gold and colour chain. Jewels from antiquity would have always made a vibrant statement, even more so when used with colour. Mix this with gold and your jewellery will stand out for miles! This is a great thing in my eyes, jewellery should add a strong aspect to any outfit- especially this season. Here beads of different colour and size merge together with luxurious metallics to create a piece that will turn heads for all the right reasons this summer!


What do you get when metals and colour are mixed? The answer is some of the most enticing jewellery around. This beaded bracelet is made up of blues, purples, reds and golds in a shiny finish. Combined with bells for added effect. Some may argue that colourful metallics are meant only for the Christmas season, however, the brightness is something that can glam up a wrist any time of year. A large statement jewellery piece that will be sure to get the wearer the attention that this showstopping piece deserves!


Shamballa bracelets have been popular for the last few years- our love affair with arm candy has not abated either! This bracelet has a red cord running through it, it’s vibrant enough to be seen, something that the colour red is very good at doing. This bracelet shows us just how the scarlet red colours can look when mixed with diamante and darker shades of gun metal grey and silver. A chic but no doubt unbeatable combination- just perfect to be worn everyday!

Red is a colour perfect for any occasion, catch scarlet fashion fever at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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