Wedding Season Inspiration at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Wedding seasons is upon us, whether you are going to a wedding or even attending as the bride herself- these are super special occasions, a day to remember! When it comes to the decor, wedding day’s themselves will be full of glamour and decadence, this is especially so in the summer time. Perhaps you will be attending a summer garden gathering this year? Maybe the wedding will be held in a lavish castle setting? No matter where it happens to be, getting the right outfit and accessories will be all important. Here are just some of Fruttituttibeadcandy’s top summer wedding picks that will see you through the season in style.


Weddings are traditionally symbolised by the light and feminine when it comes to colour schemes. These include pale pinks, pearly whites and creams. With any of these shades as part of your outfit you will never go wrong! The look of pearls is a wonderful one at any time of year, however, they take on a special significance in the summer. One thinks of pearls found from the sea, they match the colour of the wedding dress perfectly. This light shade will compliment practically any colour under the sun too! Mix and match with darker shades as well as the more subtle one’s for the ideal wedding themed look!



While these lighter shades are important, it’s also the more delicate pieces that look at home with the wedding outfit. A light necklace and set of earrings could be all the accessorising that is needed for a garden or forest wedding for example. A multi strand necklace is decadent enough to be worn on such special occasions, this example uses the floating beads effect too. Turquoise by it’s very nature is light and decorative too, find the smooth edges  a comfortable wear. This necklace is mixed with glass beads for a more ethereal effect too. Just as lovely with a floaty summer dress as it is with a smart formal suit, a sure fire bet for any summer wedding this year.

Pinks at their very core are feminine and positive- ideal for weddings! They evoke a sense of excitement and all things bright- what better colour to wear with your summer wedding outfit? This sumptuous cluster ring has it all, a multitude of pinks mixed in with lavish metallics for the ultimate wedding day piece. A lovely way to be attention grabbing without being over stated, the light pinks can work with creams as well as darker maroon shades. It’s a playful design too, adding to the sense of fun that can be had on the big day!

Looking for a special gift for each of your bridesmaid’s? Wanting to gift your mother-in-law something unique for the big day? Whatever you are looking for this season, get in touch with me directly and we can work on a tailor made piece to suit your individual needs!








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