What do you look for in jewellery?

Picking out the right piece of jewellery can be a time consuming and quite complex process. After all how one adorns the body is up to the individual. Each of us will be looking for different qualities in our necklaces, bangles and earrings. So just what are the top things that people look for when picking out their jewellery?

1. Shape 

It’s one of the first aspects that hits the eye when looking for a piece of jewellery for the first time. The shape of a ring for example can compliment the hand, the wrong style can look too bulky. Picking the right shape is all important. Long slender fingers can pull off longer ring designs as they elongate the hands. That’s not to say that the smaller rings can’t work either, delicate rings are just as flattering on all shapes and sizes of hands. Gemstones come under the shape category too, the cut of the stone used is also an important factor to people picking out jewellery.


2. Colour 

Like with fashion, certain colours appeal to each person. Perhaps you see yourself as a vibrant red type of person, someone who loves that hint of scarlet in almost any outfit. Even if you have to wear a uniform to work, there’s nothing stopping you from expressing your love for red in a piece of jewellery. Blues, Yellows, Pinks and Greens are all popular colours when it comes to wearing jewellery.

3. Materials 

Some will say that they are naturally attracted to the clean cool look of silver. Others prefer the lustre of gold and bronze tones. Sometimes it’s a mix of all these that can attract one to a piece, although most people tend to stick with one of the metallics. The type of stone is an important aspect too, especially when it comes to birthstones. Pearls are said to be lucky when worn by those born in June, whereas Sapphires are said to be the stone for September. Even if one can’t fork out tons of cash for these precious stones, similar colours and textures can work just as well from a style point of view.


4. Wearability 

How wearable your jewels will be is another important aspect. Most of us will wear our jewellery at work as well as on nights out. When it comes to that favorite ring, one might find that they never take it off! If this is the case, then jewellery must be comfortable enough to be worn all the time. Certain shapes of ring will be more comfortable than others, a ‘D’ shaped ring is a popular choice for wedding rings for example.


5. Durability

Will you be wearing your ring, bracelet or earrings all the time? It’s got to be durable. If there are stones in your piece of jewellery, make sure that they are securely fastened within the clasp. If you are digging out an older piece of jewellery from your collection with a loose stone, clear gem glue can be bought to keep them in place. Alternatively, a qualified jeweller can make the relevant repairs if needed. The pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy are hand made to last. Take a look at the collection here!


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