A splash of summer at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Summer is just around the corner, we are lucky enough to see those blue skies and warmer temperatures already. With the warmth comes can sometimes bring the need to be more vibrant with our styles. After all our personal look is just a reflection of the amazing shades found in nature at this time of year. No matter what your complexion, there’s something about the bolder shades that make them just perfect for June and July. I adore working with neon shades, also the translucent qualities of glass faceted beads too. It’s these very colours that can be brilliant at that weekend barbecue as well as evening on the beach!


Colour can be fun as well as bright this summer. Do not be afraid to take your queue from all things kawaii and kitsch. Bold colour mixes with strong shapes with these earrings. Whether green and pink, or pink and orange. It’s a fresh and juicy looking combination. It’s the resign beads that make a stand here, they are light in weight and almost transparent too. These earrings are made to be worn with absolutely everything. Bright enough to jazz up a work outfit, these earrings will add a fun aspect to a lunch date with the girls.


Looking for an unusual way to wear your brights this summer? A beaded collar could offer you just the style difference you need! This statement coral red and turquoise blue beaded necklace can be worn alone or an a stylish accompaniment to a collarless shirt. It’s a quick and easy way to totally transform an outfit, just use the strong tie to adjust the necklace to your desired length and you are good to go. A great piece to go with a smart blazer at the office, alternatively wear it as a single necklace.


Get Boho ‘Tastic’ this year with your very own ethnic inspired neck piece to compliment your outfit. Summer really gives us a chance to go all out with the dramatic jewellery and other accessories. This piece is one of the larger one’s on the Fruttituttubeadcandy website, The colours are subdued enough to be worn all the time, making this a smart addition to a work outfit.


Get in touch with me directly at Fruttituttibeadcandy for a unique and one-off handmade piece for chic summer style!


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