Don’t be flustered by clusters!

The love affair with all things big and bountiful is showing no signs of diminishing. In fact we adore the bright bold look of those larger pieces of jewellery. Why is this the case? Well for a start they do what all good jewellery should do- be show stopping and dramatic! It’s these reasons why we wear statement jewellery after all- to stand out and even to speak a little of ourselves and what we like.

Working with beads opens up all sorts of new design opportunities when it comes to jewellery. Each piece I work on is an individual work, an experiment if you like. The design will almost tell me how it is to be made. One of the most effective of techniques is to ‘cluster’ beads. Teaming lots of smaller beads together to create a larger more dramatic effect. It can be used practically anywhere in terms of jewellery. Find smaller clusters on earrings, both hanging as well as clip on studs. One can find them on knuckle duster sized rings too. Then there is colour, style of beads etc… The possibilities are endless! Here is just a taster of the customised Cluster jewels at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


It’s bright and loud- whats there not to love about Turquoise? This eclectic mix of rounded stones and glass beads make this piece a statement one. Each bead is held together with carefully crafted head pin that joins them to the central bracelet. The icy mix of blues and greens make this bracelet an exceptionally extroverted one, you might not even need another piece for your day or evening outfit! The blues are so reminiscent of tropical blue skies, wear yours as part of your holiday outfit on the beach or to brighten up the grey rainy days.


Looking for a demure look to match with a summer style? Light and airy is the way to go when it comes to this pearlescent ring. Covered in pinks, peaches, greys and sea shell blues, it is the perfect accompaniment to this seasons style.  Like with the Turquoise bracelet, this ring is held together using secure headpins connected to the base. There is plenty of movement here too, the ring makes a jingling sound every time the wearer moves! A lovely light harmony to add to a cool sunset or against the sound of the sea.


The ‘Cluster’ look can be spread out too. Take this blood red piece created using Swarovski crystals. Created with long links, there is also lots of movement with this piece as the beads cascade down from the neck like a luxurious jewelled waterfall! Everything about this piece is statement and can be worn in a variety of different ways. Special enough to be worn as an evening piece, but versatile enough to be worn everyday too! A tailored Cluster Waterfall necklace is a great addition to your jewellery box!

Get in touch for more fab cluster jewellery made just for you at Fruttituttibeadcandy



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