Rising Star and her style: Priyanka Chopra

Actress Priyanka Chopra©http://thetaylornetworkofpodcasts.com/

Actress Priyanka Chopra©http://thetaylornetworkofpodcasts.com/

Stars rise and fall all the time in celebrityville! But there have been some celebrities waiting in the wings for their time to shine! Priyanka Chopra is one of those stars. The former Miss World 2001 has been busy making a name for herself in Bollywood for some years now- in fact she’s a household name. Well with a number of new international projects happening, 2014 could really be Priyanka’s year!

But as well as being stunningly gorgeous- there’s something special about the statuesque beauty and thats her own personal style. This is more than the fashion she wears, more like the way that she wears it! The star has been compared to Beyonce and Eva Mendes, could Priyanka be the next best thing in Hollywood too? Here are just a few reasons why I adore this up and coming stars great new look! 


Priyanka Chopra does statement body adornment  ©www.hindustantimes.com

Priyanka Chopra does statement body adornment ©www.hindustantimes.com

The Bollywood film industry is a flamboyant one at it’s very core. Bright bold colours go hand in hand with flair and fashion, it’s only natural that the stars must look just as vibrant as these styles. However, Priyanka is a star that somehow manages to keep her femininity while she is taking on the more daring roles. I love this sultry picture of the star looking relaxed while wearing statement ethnic/boho bangles. The natural materials clash beautifully against the bright colours of the dress. There is a sense of the pin up with this image too! A style that is so on trend at the moment! Two or three big bangles can work with anything and make for a unique summer look.


Priyanka at the 'Save a Child Back Ball' last year ©www.huffingtonpost.ca

Priyanka at the ‘Save a Child Back Ball’ last year ©www.huffingtonpost.ca

She’s a star that is not afraid to be risque, despite the demure image of the traditional Bollywood actress! Priyanka strolled up onto the red carpet wearing this chic little number: A silken paneled dress with revealing mess inserts at the chest. The outfit left little to the imagination as the stars sumptuous curves were on display at this red carpet event. But it was the accessories that also took centre stage that evening too- Take a look at the modern looking wire earrings, perfect when matched with chic clutch bag and neon heels. Proof, if we needed it that sometimes less can really be more!


Priyanka dazzles in diamonds ©www.sodahead.com

Priyanka dazzles in diamonds ©www.sodahead.com

She might be new on the scene in Hollywood, but this young star is not afraid to make those daring style statements:: Here she stuns in a gothic vampy look.  Sticking with the dark mesh inserts, the star takes all things sultry to the next level. Along with smokey eyes and flyaway hair, it’s the statement crystal earrings make up an important part of this outfit. This is glamour at it’s best!

It’s one’s jewels that have the power to really make or break an outfit. The right pieces are essential when putting together a perfect ensemble for any occasion. Love Priyanka’s fun and fabulous celebrity style? The Fruttituttibeadcandy collection has all this and more for your sultry summer style!


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