New Statement Beads at Fruttituttibeadcandy

I adore working with the large louder stones and beads! For one they make a statement about the wearer, but they even speak volumes as single jewelled pieces.  Take any of the treasures from ancient Egypt as prime examples. These jewels were seen to be treasures in themselves with their symbolism and precious gems, wearing those large charms was protection as well as a status symbol in some cases. To step out wearing the larger of statement pieces is daring! Big beads and gemstones will always get a reaction, no matter if they are worn as earrings, necklaces or rings. This piece at the Fruttituttibeadcandy Etsy store is no exception!


Created with a series of large square and triangular shaped stones held in place with gold wire zig zagging across their surfaces. There is a sense of the ancients with this necklace just by the rugged edges found on the stones. The beads have been chosen for their moody and deep colours: Deep, almost blood red stones contrast beautifully against the faceted Czech fire polished beads that link them. Speaking of which, it’s the contrasts found here that make it a special jewelled piece too. A mix of these reds, browns and electric blues with bright golds. This is a piece that will glimmer at night and by day as it’s also these colour clashes that actually make the necklace versatile. Team it with a plain T-Shirt and jeans for a impromptu shopping trip with the girls, looking for something special? The gold makes it the perfect accompaniment with any off the shoulder evening dress. It’s the more intricate of finer details that make this necklace a jewellery box essential. Take a look at the gold wire wrapped at the edged make the links as decorative as the rest of the jewellery. One would be forgiven or thinking this was a fragile necklace. Instead it’s strength will be able to see you through almost anything!


Handmade jewellery is one of a kind. You can bet your bottom dollar (or pound) that no two pieces will be exactly the same even if their original design is. It’s that exclusivity that drives me in my own work, I create pieces that are true one-off’s just like the people who wear them. Handmade jewellery is just perfect for wedding days and birthdays, any special time when you want to stand out. Whether it’s an extravagent tiara, statement ring or large jewelled neck piece, contact me directly at Fruttituttibeadcandy and we can work together on a piece for your special occasion!


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