Feel sensational in turquoise

Turquoise is a material that’s timeless as well as attractive. See it worn in the most statement of jewellery for it’s vibrant colours but also the smaller detail that lies within. Technically it is a form of  aluminum copper phosphate, but away from that you can find that turquoise has a whole host of personal meaning. For example, in terms of jewellery and body adornment, Turquoise is one of the worlds oldest stones dating back to Egyptian times. Known for carrying wisdom and truth, this stone is often attributed to the birth sign of Sagittarius. It also has some very important protection qualities too, thus was used in amulets. Today Turquoise comes in all shapes and forms, find it cut and carved into ornate decorative pieces. There are also tumble stones that have a more naturalistic sense too. I love working with turquoise in all it’s forms- here are just some examples! 


It’s bright and just perfect for summer! The blue of Turquoise reminds me of the bright blue skies of the summer months. This bracelet is made up of a mixture of smooth sided turquoise beads as well as glass. The cluster effect gives this piece it’s real charm being a big piece. All the beads are held together by a central silver chain, so there is movement with this bracelet. The varying sizes make a real statement too, find larger pieces mixed in with the precious small ones- an ideal and very wearable bracelet for the warmer months.


If it’s all things exotic one is looking for in their jewellery- look no further! A unique mixture of chainmaille and cut and carved turquoise pieces make up this delectable piece. There is a hint of armory with the metal chainmaille links. Turquoise squares bring in more than a hint of the dramatic through shape and colour. An adorable mix that will work with practically anything- however I see it working beautifully when worn on a beach or tropical holiday somewhere hot! Everything about this piece is sure to get you noticed!


While the bright blue scream out to be noticed, there is something to be said for the smaller details too. Turquoise is known for the smaller veins like structures that run through it. These grains make turquoise some of the most attractive stones around. It’s these contrasting lines with the bright blues and greens that make these earrings stand out. Highly polished and ready to wear, the briolette copper and red marble dangle earrings are a must for any jewellery box.

Love turquoise? Get in touch with Fruttituttibeadcandy for a stunning turquoise piece that is unique to you!





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