Going Gothic at Fruttituttibeadcandy

There is something darkly decadent about all things Gothic- whether it is lace beads as well as the ornate shapes. Think back to those lavish pieces from Victorian times, lace chokers as well as jewelled mourning pieces would be at the height of fashion. Many of these jewels would prove to last for centuries and exist to this day. As well as having that real intricate style, a Gothic look is inevitably a timeless one. I love the idea that the darker shades on accessories are just as elegant as any other. While the brighter colours and light playful pearls are fun, Gothic accessories bring a different set of aspects to your outfit. Here are just a few pieces I have been working on as part of the Gothic inspired look.


Gothic as a style is feminine to it’s very core, the jewellery is made to be flattering while also being very intricate in itself. This bracelet and earrings set takes it cue from jewellery of the past. The swirls and gun metal greys come from the essential silver lockets. The finer details count too, take a look at each of the darker beads, they give off blue and maroon shades from each of their facets. The design itself is a subtle and very wearable one, team your jewels with a sultry blouse as well as with that strappy dress for a great date look. A simple chic way to dress any outfit up for the night!


Darker shades are by no means depressing! Working with different shades of metal is something I like to do a lot. I use a variety of coloured metals with bright gems, experimenting with the contrasts that are created. This piece is no exception! Its a popular look especially with the two birds perched on their branch. In this case the grey works exceptionally well with the two Aurora Borealis Swarovski heart beads at each end. The chainmaille necklace only adds a strong substance to the detailed piece. This real token of affection makes for a lovely gift for the lady in your life.


Filigree details are undeniably Gothic in their appeal! Chainmaille is a fab way to get this chic look without any fuss. These Jade green earrings come complete with an attractive brassy antique gold finish, each of the jumprings are set securely to ensure these earrings can be worn anytime. Simple but effective Gothic style at it’s best!

Fruttituttibeadcandy prides itself on bringing you some of the most unique jewellery around. Each piece is hand made with a one-off design tailor made to suit you. You are guaranteed a jewelled piece that is unlike any other! Take a look at the other one-of-a-kind jewels on offer at Fruttituttibeadcandy.


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