Foxy Fashion at Fruttituttibeadcandy


It seems that we are in love with all things to do with fluffy: Rabbits, badgers, owls and even hedgehogs! They are a part of the countryside and help it remain a healthy one. So not only are these little critters wondrous to look at, they are also good for the environment. I love foxes and the magic that they bring- especially when it comes to jewellery. They’re some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Foxes dazzle us with their bright red coats, bushy tails and shiny eyes. They are also a controversial animal and have sadly been hunted for centuries. Their beautiful vibrant coats have also been prized possessions throughout the years when made into stoles or other accessories. Although they are wrongly thought of by some as pests, this majestic being is seen by the majority as  enriching British wildlife. Fortunately people are now fighting for the fox and it’s habitat. One thing is for sure, foxy motifs in jewellery and fashion are the way to go!    



It was only natural that a fox-inspired jewelled piece would be made from brightest flame red copper. This soft and flexible material can be easily be moulded into any shape imaginable. It’s a very light material too, so light that you will hardly know that you are wearing it. The Copper Fox Torque necklace from Fruttituttibeadcandy is more of a concept piece, interpret it in any way you like. You might see wearing this piece as your way of supporting natural wildlife. Perhaps red is your colour? In which case this bright copper red piece is for you.

Made entirely of wire intricately wound in the shape of fox head and tail, this necklace is finished off with two pearl beads for the eyes. This piece is designed as a simple and chic torque necklace, an age old design that means it’s easy to slip on and wear. There are no fiddly fastenings to have to deal with. But lets take a look at the necklace in more detail: It’s fox design could almost come straight from the drawing board. The use of wire show just how versatile this material can be. In some places it is woven straight, then there are the delicate swirls. The main body of the fox is created from haphazard and mesh-like sections. The fine wire may look delicate, but it’s the subtle strength that bring it it’s great quality.



By far one of the strongest elements of this piece are the pearl eyes. Like the observant and always alert eyes of a real fox- these striking pearls will watch over you wherever you go. Hand created and made to last, the Copper Fox Torque Necklace will turn heads. Wear it with your nature inspired outfit or a strapless gown for that special evening do, it’s a piece that will look and feel at home with whatever you wear.

Looking for jewellery that will really stand out? Why not get in touch with me at Fruttituttibeadcandy and we can work on a one-of-a-kind wildlife inspired piece tailored just for you.


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