New additions at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

As fab as the current collection is at Fruttituttibeadcandy- it’s always so exciting to put up the lovely new additions! This week has been no exception, I have been busy working on some very chic new designs for the Etsy store. Whether it’s bright statement beads or the more subtle and intricate details on your jewels that you love- have your pieces tailored to fit you and your lifestyle at Fruttituttibeadcandy! Here are just a few pieces to whet your appetite for sumptuous handmade jewellery!

Statement is hot! Anything that is bright bold and out there is a must have accessory for your wardrobe. This statement collar necklace has what it takes to be an inspiring piece of jewellery. For a start it is huge- not for the faint of heart! It’s the sort of bold piece that could have been a status accessory in past times, this necklace will surely show everyone whose boss! The striking sapphire blue colour against the gold make this piece sensational too, it will stand out for miles and get you noticed. A necklace that will work so well all year round, but a perfect fit for a unique summer style this year.


Made from a combination of Toho seed beads and Swarovski glass pearls, this stitch detailed bracelet uses a St Petersburg technique in it’s design. It’s the colours that make this combination a truly spectacular one, yellow, almost gold seed beads against the blue end beads and pearls. This statement piece is ultra wearable too- it’s created with practicality in mind, the curved edges make it a comfortable wear at any time of day or night. Great when worn alone or the ideal way to jazz up plain arm candy.


Love the trend for the beaded collar? It shows no sign of ever going away- and it’s clear to see why! These chic necklaces are a little on the quirky side, take this delicious combination of coral red and turquoise blue. The hint of gold there also make this necklace a statement one. Wear this with a T-shirt or over a chic collarless blouse  for instant glamour on the go.

Loking for a unique piece of jewellery to go with that outfit? Perhaps your jewellerybox needs a few new additions? Get in touch with me directly for jewellery made especially for you!


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