Radiant Orchid at Fruttituttibeadcandy



It’s Pantone’s colour of the year, Radiant Orchid also seems to be the shade of the season too! It’s light and airy with more than a hint of the summer about it. Ultimately it is a feminine colour that has a sense of freedom about it. I adore how it can work as accessories with both strong shades as well as the lighter coloured outfits. Take a lilac piece of jewellery and team it with a forest green outfit for a vintage eclectic mix. Lilac necklaces can beautifully elaborate on creams and off white colours too. There is more than a sense of the positive with this springtime colour. Even if it’s dull and grey outside, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a hint of the season with your very own piece of lilac jewellery.



Looking for a real burst of this feminine colour? The vibrant purple shade of this ring will do all that it can to really show off your accessorising. While the filigree mount of the ring is elaborate and sweet, there is something very eyecatching about the colour that the centre rose shows off.  Although it’s a statement ring there’s nothing stopping you from teaming this piece with other stacking rings. The brighter the better, especially for the summer months.


Jewelery from ancient times is still a style that is so attractive to this day. Chainmaille is a jewellery making technique that has been passed down through the ages, starting out life as a form of armoury. It still keeps that tough quality about it, your custom made chainmaille piece of jewellery will keep its strength no matter how often you wear it. The Byzantine Pink Peach and Lilac bracelet takes this normally strong style and mixes it with a hint of the vibrant. Alternating coloured rings are mixed in with the gold ones. The over all effect is chunky with more than a hint of the feminine. A lovely item of arm candy that will look amazing this summer as part of any look.

Although not exactly the Radiant Orchid that Pantone favorite this year, the lilac purples and pinks of these earrings closely resemble the now famous shade. The fun and light colours play well against the bright gold chains of these earrings. Elegance is personified in these long dangle earrings as a result! They move with the wearer, so become a dynamic piece of the overall ensemble. Strong enough to be worn everyday, special enough to be worn on that special wedding day or prom night. Definitely earrings to see you through a lifetime!

Looking for tailormade jewels that will accentuate all your great natural traits? Fruttituttubeadcandy specialises in making you the wearer feel great  through your accessorising! Take a look at some of the other pieces that we have for more dazzling jewels.


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