Ravishing in red!

It’s one of those colours that will enable anyone to stand out a mile! Red is not only the shade of danger but of passion and fire. Some people may feel that they are not able to pull this exciting shade. However, there usually is a hue of red that will suit anyone. They also give off a range of different moods too. A deep blood or wine red is passionate, just right on an outfit with accessories for that romantic date. A brighter red with elements of pink is a playful shade, one thats ideal for any summer time look. Here are a few of my favorite shades of red:

Bright and red, the huge statement squares on this bracelet make it one of a kind. But its the finish of the beads that make this piece stand out. There is a metallic sheen with a matted down look on each, a step away from the sparkling faceted gems of the more traditional bracelets. Be warned however, this bold accessory is not for the faint of heart, a creation that will add an instant and powerful dose of glamour to any outfit.


Although red can be the main attraction, the colour will work well when taking a backseat too. Here it is part of a shamballa bracelet, forming the connecting links as opposed to the main beads. Although it’s the sparkle on each of the faceted stones that makes an impression, so to does the lighter red waxed cord. The playful nature of the cord means that this piece of arm candy can work as a casual piece s well as when being worn for special occasions.


It’s the smaller details that count with red too. Here the small red glass beads work beautifully with these sculpted silver beads on this charm style bracelet. It’s the flash of red that make each movement of the bracelet a memorable one. Red looks amazing when teamed against the subtle silver colours. An adorable piece of jewellery for the summer time when worn alone or with the rest of your arm candy.

Looking for something special to wear for an evening event? Perhaps you are tying the knot this year? Get in touch to have something specially made just for you.


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