Steampunk detail for the everyday

It’s elegant and adventurous, what is there not to love about steampunk as a style. ‘Quirky’ could be used to describe this fabulous look. Like with all the best styles, it’s the smaller details that can make an impact here too. Think about ones Steampunk styled jewellery? The smaller but polished cogs and wheeled watched and bracelets…

There is a real sense of the handmade with Steampunk. Especially with that whole ‘freshly put together look’ made up of old watch parts. I adore working with the Steampunk aesthetic as there is just so many directions in which a designer can go in. Here are some of the inspired pieces on Fruttituttibeadcandy…


The traditional cogs and wheels look comes together in this steampunk watch. But there is a unique difference in this look- the rhinestones that are added for a glamorous effect! There is the typical brassy background metal with the filigree decorative effect too. Three well placed gemstones in a fiery orange brighten up the piece perfectly. The lovely thing about watch bracelets are that they are not tightly attached to the wrist. Wear yours loosely for a relaxed casual feel.


Steampunk is not just about the tough mechanical look that we are so used to seeing. There is plenty of space for the delicate natural motifs too. Think filigree butterflies and flowing flowers as the perfect example of these. This full sized butterfly detail looks as though it could be spreading it’s wings ready to take flight! Covered in a dark rustic coloured wire complete with blood red glass beads, this piece will make for the perfect statement wherever it happens to be worn.


I love experimenting with colour against metal. One way is to combine watch parts with coloured gems- it can make for a real tailored look for one’s jewels. A steampunk ring can take on many guises, this chic example mixes up quartz watch parts with delicate looking gems.  I enjoy playing with the different shades of metal too, the lighter watch face against the darker base metal of the ring make for a unique style.

Looking for something special to brighten up that mundane outfit, Steampunk jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy is just what you need!


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