Perfect purples at Fruttituttibeadcandy

There’s something so unique about the colour purple. I have always been so attracted to it’s vibrancy and richness. This wonderful quality can be found in a transparent gem as well as an opaque piece. I love when an aurora borealis effect is added too! Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter- you can guarentee that your purple stoned piece will be very in style! 

Here a deep purple set of faceted gems are teamed up with gun metal grey seed beads. This stretchy bracelet is one that can be worn everyday too. Make with deep shades of purple, it’s these larger beads that compliment the smaller dark grey ones. The decadent feel to this slip on bracelet give it a practical and formal look. One could consider it to go well with any smart work outfit. The smooth finish mean that there will not be any unfortunate snags with sharp edges. The facets on the beads bring a chic sparkle to the everyday casual look too, definitely a staple part of one’s costume jewellery box all year round.


Many a handbag can benefit from some sprucing up too! Bag charms are a quick and easy way to brighten up any handbag one has. They simply click onto a link or zipper for instant jewelled charm. Here the deep purple beads mix well with the silver chain they are attached to. There is a naturalistic feel to this piece, the beads are smooth with roughly hewn faces. Most of all they are smooth and easily ‘feelable’! So one is able to feel the smooth surfaces of the stones as it moves. A lovely purple bohemian addition for the plainest of handbags!


Love wearing your purple on a subtle scale? This rosey purple ring uses the smallest but most vibrant of detail. The silver plated base boasts a metallic filigree design, but it’s the rose that makes this piece something special. With a slight hint of the pink, this piece is all about the feminine when it comes to costume jewellery. A wonderfully colourful piece for spring and summer accessorising!

Love purple too? Take a look at the rest of the purple inspired pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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