The beauty of the bead at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Beads can be found everywhere from on bag charms to delicately hanging from one’s neckline. In essence they are simply small rocks with a hole drilled through them ready for wire, thread or chain to pass through it. But there is much more to the use of beads, for instance team this hanging style with colour, shape and texture for some great pieces of jewellery.


Beads come in all shapes and sizes! You will find spikes among the traditional circular beads out there. Here it’s a mixture of long sharp spikes with cut acrylic pieces. Each bead is held onto the base securely with jump rings. The mix of gold with silver make this piece a statement one. Another nice quality is the movement that these long beads bring. Each will fall and jingle with every move that the wearer makes. It’s a brave look that will say only good things about the wearer! Just one example of how beads can be contemporary and very chic!


Beads can feature fine texture too. Take fabrics as our muse in this case. Remember feeling that chenille fabric or sweeping your finger tips across the soft ends of a ling pile rug? These are just as viable when placed on beads as they are on soft furnishings. These beads feature a chenille finishing, as soft as velvet when felt against the skin. The smaller details inbetween the beads are just as important. Here it’s silver wire wrapped to create the detail that adds to the fluidity of the piece. All in all a fab mix of textile with jewellery!


Beads work well when combined with other aspects of jewellery. In this case it happens to be a bracelet complete with spiral designwork around it. It’s here that the turquoise features as the centrepoint from which the eye travels. The bright blue contrasts strongly against the silver making this a piece to remember. But it’s the silver springs wrapping around each bead that is important here. Proving that even the irregular and humble turquoise bead can work with anything!

Looking for beaded jewellery with bite? Check out Fruttituttibeadcandy for tailored beaded pieces just for you!


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