Get a hold of gold at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Gold trimmings and fittings can be found on everything from bathroom taps to desk ornaments. Despite this metallic trend having been around for millions of years, our love affair with gold has not diminished- far from it! It’s still as hot as ever!


One of the main reasons we seem to love it so is that it’s bright. The shin from a gold link on a necklace will shine vibrantly. Unlike the other metallics, gold is totally dramatic in it’s appearance. The rich yellowish colour marks it out from coppers and silver toned materials. Even the thinnest of gold strands adorning one’s neck will make a statement all by itself. There are a number of different ways in which one can wear gold and wear it well. One of them is to look for the fine gold detail in the pieces. Take this sumptuous bracelet for example. Although the pink beads are the statement making pieces, the bright connecting wire beads are also bold. Here made from lengths of wire, they stand out bringing contrast to the piece.


Gold can be mixed with a variety of different colours to enhance it’s lustre. Chainmaille makes this possible to do, here I teamed the brightest of gold rings with coloured anodised rings at set points along the bracelet. These shades range from copper browns to fiery reds and yellows, in each case they stand out. It’s the subtle hints of colour dotted throughout the piece that bring out the gold even more. A wonderfully substantial piece that has size as well as it’s style going for it.


Golds come in all different forms. You can find it on the glass and acrylic pieces too. Take a look at the Leopard Print Shell Pendant. This piece will stand out for all the right reasons! You have the wildcat pattern as well as the long dangle chains with faceted beads at the end of them. All parts of this necklace have gold accents and work together to create a stunning addition to anyone’s jewellery box.

Looking for that perfect party piece or even that special something to wear everyday? Gold is the way to go! Take a look at the glimmering gold selection at Fruttituttibeadcandy.


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