Why Buy Handmade..?

When it comes to accessorising, jewellery is everywhere!  Whether on the highstreet or online, these pieces are usually available at very affordable prices. Chic designs can be bought cheaply from chain stores, often these can be a cheaper version of precious gemmed jewellery. So why go with the handmade when mass produced goods are so readily available and reasonably priced? Here are some fabulous reasons why buying handmade is the right choice! 

It’s Ethical

Larger fashion brands are able to offer cheaper good through their chain stores because their products are mass produced. They are often made from poor quality and low cost materials. These will be put together in sweatshops in poorer areas of the world because of cheap labour that is available. Children as young as five have been found working long hours for a meagre wage. These terrible conditions have come to light and larger companies are waking up to these unethical working practices. Handmade goods from boutiques are by far a better option in terms of buying products that do not encourage these practices. Although you will not be taking away work from those in third world countries. Instead, as a consumer you will be forcing chain stores to reflect on the need to improve conditions for the people that work for them. This includes much better pay and conditions. You as a consumer, have the power to make a positive difference in the world.

You are buying something unique! 

Your piece of jewellery will not have been mass manufactured for a large brand name, so it’s likely it will be a limited edition. Not only will the design have come from the jeweller/maker themselves, but it would have been lovingly crafted with care. The quality of the materials and techniques used in a handcrafted piece will clearly show. A crafts person will go out of their way to pick out the right sized and shaped stones for each individual ring or necklace. One will notice that edges are finished properly, links are secure. As a result the who piece will be of better quality thus looking better and lasting much longer.

Supporting small business

While having a great piece of tailor made jewellery is all well and good, when buying handmade you will also be supporting small businesses. Many jewellers run exclusive boutique style outlets, whether online or as bricks and mortar shops on the high street. Well you can expect these designers and makers to be some of the most creative people around! By buying from a boutique you are investing in this creativity and enabling them to flourish.

Whether you are looking to support local business or are in the market for a piece of unique jewellery-buying handmade is the way to go for all the right reasons. The Fruttituttibeadcandy shop on Etsy features current pieces and designs that can be tailored to you!


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