Terrific Tiaras at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

There’s nothing like a tiara for that special occasion. Ok so the traditional look is seen to be worn at weddings and lavish balls. But why not take this special style and bring it to your more everyday look? Now a tiara might not be suitable for the office, but it will certainly look the part with a mish mashed outfit and eclectic summer look! Thre’s no end to the style experimenting you could do with your tiara from Fruttituttibeadcandy! Here are just some idea’s…

Love that ‘Great Gatsby’ style? The 1920’s look has been a very hot look over the past year since the movie hit our screens. But what is this style all about? One doesn’t need to think completely vintage t get this look, instead the tiara can do all the talking for you! A super chic combination of pearls, diamante’s as well as silver wire go to make this decadent piece. Team the naturalistic design with a loose chignon for effortless summer chic in the warmer months.


Speaking of naturalistic- what about a crown of roses for one’s head? This light piece is so poetic in it’s appeal, wear it as part of a gothic look or a more feminine eclectic one. The roses are linked together with wires so can be easily moved around to suit you. The red roses are so universal in their appeal and will suit anyone. A unique alternative to the hat this summer- your tiara of roses will certainly make a statement this year.


Although made from icy blues and creams, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing that chic wintry look well into the warmer months. The silver wire along with the beads make this piece a wonderful one for any time of the year. Everything about it says drama! Using a fine jewellery technique, each bead is carefully positioned for maximum impact. The wires make this piece easily movable too, this tiara can be shaped to personalise it.

Looking for some extra special head gear to go with your unique look? Take a look at the range of tiara’s I have ben working on. Contact me for a personalized piece made just for you at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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