Woven wonders at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


Textiles and jewellery merge with the use of those weaving techniques. It’s this intricate looking method of jewellery making that is inspirational and on of the most versatile around. In some examples, the woven technique is just as detailed as any woollen or crocheted accessory. I love mixing colour and shape when using this style, there are no limits as to what one can achieve!  Here are just some ways in which I use weaving in my work…


One of the nice things about the woven pieces of jewellery is that they can incorporate more than one colour and type of material. Make your woven body adornment from fabric, metal wire or links with bright beads – it really is ‘anything goes’! This wonderful piece mixes faceted light emerald green beads with the smaller snow white seed beads framing them. Like any piece of intricate crochet or knitting, it fits tightly to any wrist as I am able to make a ‘made to measure’ fit on request. The universal colour combination mean that it will go with practically any outfit, a perfect piece hen investing in some intriguing everyday glamour.

Just take a look at the sheer variety of elements in this special piece. You have everything from the faceted beads to the light blue glass seed beads that make it an outstanding piece when glamming up your wrists! The larger pearlescent beads run through the centre from end to end. There is something so very fabric-like about this woven piece, it feels like it could be a well fitted cuff. This bold and more statement of jewellery makes for a chic party piece. Fastened with a snug clasp, you can be sure that your bracelet will go the distance.

Another great way to incorporate weaving in jewellery is through chainmaille. The act of intertwining smaller links into a larger piece is an exciting one. Like with other woven looks, there is the option to mix and match with colours. This piece uses silver colours as well as anodized jump rings, the electric blue compliments the steely colours beautifully in this case. This bracelet is made to order so will be the perfect fit for the wearer it is made for.

Love the look of woven jewelery? Get in touch for a tailored piece of statement jewellery just for you!


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