Make your man stand out with crystal cool cufflinks!

Ever wondered what to get that special man in your life? It’s not always easy to decide on that perfect gift. Well whether they are a gamer, a sports fanatic or gadget lover, there’s one thing they will all love – a pair of steampunk style cufflinks! 

Although classed as accessories more than jewellery, cufflinks can often seem quite jewel-like in appearance. They are meant to be small and precious. These days you can find them made from all sorts of materials and gems. I for one adore the versatility of these little clips. For me they are the perfect finishing touch to any suit. They add a little something to any day event too!

Combine the preciousness with steampunk and you will have the ideal accessory. Take a look at some of the precision handmade pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

The gold finish of this quartz movement watch give these cufflinks in instant richness. It’s surface is super reflective which means that along with the gemstones the wearer is sure to shine. Speaking of gemstones, it’s two fuchsia pink stones that sit off centre to make this design glimmer. The real beauty lies in the intricate detail of the tiny watch parts. This along with the combination of gold and deep pink make this jewelled set of cufflinks the ideal accessory for any evening event.

There is something to be said for a gun metal grey too. The deeper darker shades of iron can make for a wonderful accent to an outfit. This design goes with the darker more Gothic side of Steampunk. Complete with a deep moss green and navy gemstone, everything about this brooding design screams an understated style. The smaller accents of gold play underneath the heavier grey’s to lighten up the look. A gorgeous accessory for the gent who is looking for substance as well as style.

Light colours will definitely bring about a spring feel when worn. Light pinks and blues in particular! This steampunk precision set is lightened up by the faded grey as well as the summery colours. Translucent gems reflect the light beautifully as they do with all the gem encrusted pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy. The perfect icy cool cufflinks for a fresh style.

Looking for a custom made pair of cufflinks for that someone special? Get in touch with me through the  Fruttituttibeadcandy Etsy Shop for a tailormade pair just for you!


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