Casually chic clusters at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Cluster jewellery is some of the most timeless around. You will find these pieces can fit in with any outfit. But at their core they are fairly glam really aren’t they? Especially when they are made up with those pearlescent beads. Even more proof that they are glam were the clustered bracelets and neck pieces worn at the Oscar’s this week. I adore making up these big statement pieces, they work wonderfully on an everyday basis as well as at those special events.  

Complete with spring colours in time for the season, this beaded cocktail ring is the piece to be seen in! It’s a wonderful bridal inspired piece of jewellery perfect for any summer event. Even if you don’t happen to be tying the knot this year, wear your clustered rings to any spring or summer barbecue this year. The pinks, light grey’s as well as peach colours will suit anyone going for feminine appeal with their style! It’s also big enough to make a statement and may just be the only jewellery that you need on that night out!

I love how cluster beads can be just as unique as the wearer. One of the fabulous things when it comes to jewellery design, is the versatility that can be experimented with. I have chosen cuboid beads in a tortoiseshell finish to make up this piece. The square shape gives them that quirky edge over more traditional round beads, they work just as well linked to the ring by secure metal jump rings.  Tortoiseshell always seems to have that very retro appeal, something that could make this piece go so well as part of an eclectic outfit ensemble!

Clusters do not need to be on a ring or bracelet. They can also be found on those more eloquent of neck pieces too. This cascading waterfall necklace is made from a myriad of different shaped and sized beads. Although in green, on closer inspection you will find that they are in lots of different shades. An eye catching piece if ever there was one! The light greens make this absolutely ideal for the spring and summer seasons!

Take a look at the rest of the Spring and Summer Cluster delights at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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