Blue is the colour!

Whether it is turquoise blue, sky blue or royal blue, these cools shades leave a lasting impression when it comes to jewellery. One could imagine the impact of the deepest sapphires when worn on a huge cocktail ring. Reminiscent of tropical blue skies of summertime. When not wear this most stunning colours to bring on the summertime?

It’s on of the stronest colours of the spectrum, but this doesn’t mean that blue can’t work with other shades. Here it fits in perfectly with the reds, white and yellow of this hippy styled bracelet. It’s presence here is subtle but very effective when worn in this most summery of bracelets. The perfect seasonal statement piece to see you through the middle of the year and beyond!

I also enjoy working with several different shades of the same colour. This longer length necklace is made up of lampwork beads in a variety of different shades of ultramarine. There is a big change in shapes too. A lovely piece that will go well with a work outfit for a twist of the bohemian and eclectic. The bonus is that you can hang you ID  pass or swipe card at the end of it! Function as well as a very chic style!

Turquoise for me is such a rich colour. It’s a stone that has been used for centuries when it comes to body adornment. Soft and easily carved, you can make turquoise into practically any shape and size that you wish too. The chunky cluster bracelet is ideal for anyone that wants chic style on the go. It fastens with just one link, and fits snugly on any sized wrist because of the adjustable jump rings. The different shades of turquoise is what makes this bracelet stand out beautifully.

Looking for your own shade of blue inspiration? Take a look at the blues at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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