As clear as crystal at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

There is something fascinating about the clarity of crystal. I love those clear gems in all their different guises. Whether they are rounded or have those flat perfectly cut facets. I adore the way light plays upon and shines through it making it much more than just a gem. Clear or  colourful crystals can be some of the most attractive when it comes to jewellery, something I will use in the designs at Fruttituttibeadcandy. Here are just a few that feature those crystal accents!

Glimmering beads will never go out of fashion! They can be worn with practically anything too. Team them up with your day outfits as well as your evening ones. These clear crystal earrings have everything you could want in that favorite pair of earrings. The best bit is that they are simple in design, something that just makes them much more classical in their appeal! The facets on the round stone make these earrings glimmer with every move you make!

Crystals work well with other materials too! Take this chic example. Bright blue Swarovski crystals combine with the silver of the settings as well as the rough edge of the lava rock. The dark of the lumpy surface only brings out the blue of the crystal. Although coloured, there is enough scope for the light to be reflected. These small rocks will bring more than a chic glint to your ears!

The warmer coloured crystals can also be effective. If it’s all things unique that you are looking for in your jewellery, these steampunk earrings could be just the ticket. Steampunk in itself is a unique style, the jewellery even more so. Three Swarovski crystals dangle at different lengths as the songbird watches on. A lovely made to order piece that would make the perfect gift.

Looking for more sensational crystals? Take a look at the rest of the crystal collection at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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