Punk style at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Spikes, studs- it’s official, metallic shades are in! I love everything punk, mainly because it’s just such a strong style. A hot look back in the 1980’s but we have been seeing a lot of the same elements back in Vogue recently. Creating this same look with jewellery has become a passion of mine over the past year. Are you daring enough to wear punk this season?  

Cuff bracelets are a easy way to bring a style to any outfit. The chunky bracelets bring this in abundance. This heavy metal piece features plenty of hanging spikes that add a fun jingle to every move the wearer makes. The brass and the gun metal grey just add to the  tonal look of this piece. The spikes are softned at the ends so there is no chance of harm- only a completely cool style!

Punk jewellery is all about the unique and unusual. Think about odd pairs of earrings, or even studs that are placed all over the ear lobe. This piece is a statement on to be worn on one side or both ears. The hanging chains are encrusted with Swarovski jewels. Team this with your customized sleeveless denim jacket with studs for a strong retro punk style!

Chainmaille jewellery is some of the hardest around. This short necklace is built with all things tough and chunky in mind. Mix up this short necklace with your longer ones for a chic piece of punk neck wear. Perfect for a dangerous casual look or one that is a little more dressed up for an evening out.

Whether it is Steampunk or retro punk, you can find it at Fruttituttibeadcandy! 


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