Katy Perry outfit choices for Grammy week!

The Grammy’s are much like any other large scale awards ceremony, but this time its also the stars of the music world that we get to see too! She’s one of my favorite musical artists of all time, Katy Perry has a powerful voice as well as one of the most unique wardrobes I have ever seen.

Her outfits are up there with Lady Gaga’s strange creative corsets and meat covered dresses. But Katy Perry has a kind of timeless innocent elegance about her. She can often be found wearing those pretty pink colours as well as feminin sky blues too. Katy has real imagination when it comes to what she steps out in- this is both on stage as well as for those special occasions. Teddy bears as well as ice cream cones and hearts are not excluded when she’s planning the next smash hit. Well Grammy’s week has been an ultra stylish few days for the star- here are some of the top outfits she has been seen in this week!



Here Katy has stepped out in a dress that represents the singers greatest love! How could this outfit not be a big hit? And it really was, noted as one of her most stylish of this years awards- and a personal favorite of mine too! The fitted corset pinches the star in from the waist and flows freely down as the long ballroom skirt. Accessories are a stunning pair of diamante earrings that finish off this musical outfit nicely.



Showmanship is one thing Katy Perry is amazing at doing. This dramatic outfit was worn on the stage as she performed her latest hits.  The top looks like an elaborate body piece that could have been jewelled. It’s certainly an outfit that ticked all the style boxes when it came to looking the part on the night. Check out the fishnets and beads, just two of the aspects that make this two piece an amazing one!



Back to all things sultry again! Katy looks fairy-like in this light blue summer dress. Once again the star is rocking the statement earrings as not much else is needed to make this outfit red carpet-worthy. I adore the shimmering fabric that makes up the top of this outfit. The sequins are jewels in themselves!

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