Chic ear-wear at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Everyone loves a good set of earrings to go with any outfit. The smallest studs could be all that is needed to finish off the most elegant of evening gowns. Think of those little pearl studs with that gorgeous red carpet- worthy gown! If it’s a statement on wants to make, the louder more outrageous earrings can be just the ticket.

One of the nicest thing about earrings is that they are versatile! Whether a classic set of pearl droplets with diamante’s or bright pink neon hoops- there’s bound to be the right design to go with what you are wearing. Take a look at these unique designs at Fruttittuttibeadcandy this week!

Ear cuffs take the ordinary earring and make it that much more dramatic! This ear cuff comes complete with hanging chain, swarovski beads as well as minute hand details. The main ear piece fits on around the narrow outer ear. This piece brings about a real punky element to any casual day wear! Try one or wear on both ears for maximum effect!

Don’t be fooled by these single stranded earrings! Although created to be simply stylish, they have just as much of an impact as any set on the Fruttittuttibeadcandy website. Created with different sizes, styles and shapes of beads, the facets on these dangle earrings will really shine out loud! This set features lovely feminine reds and pinks, perfect for any time of year!

Sticking with the chain theme and all things Gothic is this pair of chandelier earrings. Created with darkened silver, there are some very attractive filigree features here.  The fiery red Czech beads really bring power to this pair. The larger bead in the middle has polished sides so will sparkle as you do! These earrings have bags of style and is a must for your jewellery box!

Love these earrings? Take a look at the rest of the collection at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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