Celebrity accessories this week: 1st -7th January!

We are in the first week of the new year and already the celebrities are as stylish as ever! Whether it is casual chic or something a little more on trend for that night out- you can bet your bottom dollar that the celebs have ben snapped looking at their best this week. But it’s not just the outfits that have been stealing the show!  Take a look at some of the stunning accessories that have been making a statement…

Kate Moss doing chic and casual! ©www.celebrity.uk.msn.com

Kate Moss doing chic and casual! ©www.celebrity.uk.msn.com

Kate Moss is pretty much flawless every time we see her, her natural good looks have shone through this week with an adorable fresh faced look. She was seen out in a simple combination of high necked sweater, shawl and tasseled neck chain. The look is simple but very wearable for any daytime get together. It’s ultra practical being so warm, I love this post-Christmas look that Kate does so well!

Lindsay Lohan dazzles in gold this week! ©www.celebrity.uk.msn.com

Lindsay Lohan dazzles in gold this week! ©www.celebrity.uk.msn.com

The young star has had a roller coaster of a year in 2013, lets hope 2014 is a better year for the star! It certainly looks like the new year is treating her kindly as she stepped out this week wearing a gorgeous gold halterneck dress with chunky diamante and emerald chain. Teamed with the cute earrings and wristband bracelet, Lindsay looked sensational and proved that less is more when it comes to red carpet chic.

Rihanna does glam but casual accessorising!©www.celebrity.uk.msn.com

Rihanna does glam casual accessorising!©www.celebrity.uk.msn.com

She’s a star known for being daring when it comes to her stage costumes. However things are a little toned down but still as chic when she is relaxing. Here the popstar is shown during some down time at a basketball game. A cute cameo brooch on her fisherman’s/sun hat. Pearl earrings and a chunky gold snake chain jazz up her T-shirt and jeans for the day.

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