The Styles of 2013: What will you remember?

Like every year, 2013 will be known for its own unique styles. Its this year that has given us a very raunchy new look for Miley Cyrus. At the other end of the spectrum we have also seen a very demure and lady like look back in vogue. Just take a look at the very chic styles of the Duchess of Cambridge as a stunning example this year.

Whether it’s been the long flowing dresses or the hot pants you’ve been spotted in this year- you can bet that there was the perfect accessory to go with it!  Did you go retro this year with a throw back to the 1990’s look in the summer? Perhaps you went all out chic princess with your style. Whatever you will take away from 2013 one thing is for certain, and that’s 2014 has got a lot to live up to! Why not start your new year with a few hot picks from the Fruttituttibeadcandy collection?

The new year is ‘New’ for many reasons, we love to start a fresh after the end of the last one. Why not begin 2014 with a burst of colour. This bright pink brings more than a hint of the positive to anything that you wear! The translucent glass beads are finished off with smaller pearlescent and clear beads. The simple hooks make these earrings super easy to wear too, you will hardly know you are wearing them!  A fabulous pair of jewels for everyday effortless chic!

Talking about bursts of colour, what about adding one of these cluster rings to your outfit? The designs are a real move away from the traditional single gemmed rings.  Instead you will find a great selection of some very attractive stones. A real mix of the translucent with the opaque, this ring comes in a variety of different colour combinations. Why not get in touch and have a piece custom made just for you?

Its not just the precious gems that will add colour to your accessorising- look toards the metals that jewellery is made from. There is something so endearing about brassy shades, although they are not gold there is still a richness there. Add these bright yellows to your new look with this ethnic inspired tasseled pendant and chain. Accented with the amber beads this piece is sure to bring fun and frivolity to any New Years style!

Check out the full collection this New Years at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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