Create a fresh new look for 2014!

It’s the end of another stylish year and the beginning of a fresh new one- along with all those New Years resolutions we will be making, many of us will opt to spruce up our wardrobes too. After all a new year can sometimes mean a new look! Not all of us will have the cash to splash on all those brand new outfits. This is where a few pieces of jewellery will be able to help. A good necklace or pair of earrings will be versatile to fit in with most of your wardrobe. They will also see you through from January right into December. Here are just a few pieces that will do just that!

Silver is a metal that looks good all year! It has a timeless appeal that will work well with practically any outfit you choose to wear. What I love about this piece is that it’s light in feel as well as appearance. The combination of the bright metallics with the dark lava rock make this combination effortlessly chic! Put it on to glam up a casual top and jeans, or let it be the star of the show for those evening gatherings!

Watches are no where near outdated- In fact we love a great stylish watch to keep time! This steampunk watch has got to be one of the most stylish too, it makes good use of all those spare watch parts and chains to bring together a real mish mash of looks. Whether it’s the filigree watch face of the clock itself or the brassy colour of the components- this piece is the ultimate way to see in 2014!

The new year is all about positivity and movement! No better place could this be reflected in than this blue and brown lampwork bracelet. It moves as you do and the gentle tinkling sound will only add a flow and goodness to your day! A lovely bright piece perfect for 2014!

Start your New Year with stylish pieces from Fruttituttibeadcandy!



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