Nifty necklaces for the season!

When planning your Christmas and New Years outfits there are a few very important details that on should be thinking about. While the right handbag and fascinator will make or break an outfit- there is something to be said about the right necklace. It will firstly highlight the outfit itself through the design and colours that feature on it. Neck the right chain and beads will accent the neckline-one of the most graceful parts of the body. Here are some examples from Fruttituttibeadcandy and how to wear them best!

A tight fitted choker style necklace will always be a welcome addition to most ensembles. This piece featured big and soft chenille beads that will sit nicely when fastened tightly. There is the option to loosen this up too, enough so that it hangs at the collar bone. Think about teaming this necklace with a deep plunging neckline to really show it off!

For a free feeling touch to your seasonal wear, team that party dress with this ethnic inspired pendant and chain. Everything about this piece is warm, from the deep oranges and blues to the dulled brass chain and pendant.  The links and the droplet-like beads on them will sit nicely on the collarbone. Its a longer length chain too so will really make a statement as it hangs!

A more detailed necklace will accent a plainer dress beautifully! There is more than enough delicate detail with this coiled wire neckpiece. It’s finished off with four faceted rivoli Topaz beads. Let this hand around your neck, with the droplet-like beads at the front to finish off that perfect Christmas outfit!

Find the ideal necklace to finish off your seasonal outfit at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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