Preparing for Christmas at Fruttituttibeadcandy

The beginning of December is upon us! This first week of the last month in the year will always be about doing the Christmas shopping. Getting that perfect present sorted out for each of your loved ones before time runs out. But alongside the gifts will be decorating our homes, whether you have put your decorations up already or are waiting until a week before, Lighting up the home is all important as the year draws to a close.

I love seeing how people decorate their homes, year after year those decorations seem to just get more stylish. While tinsel has it’s own charm many seem to be opting for handmade as well as alternative Christmas decorations. An advantage of creating style with handmade decorations is that it will be unique and unlike any other ‘manufactured’ home look.

Love all things pink? Although it’s not a traditionally Christmas-like pink is a pretty vibrant colour for any time of year. This snowflake star decoration is created from a whole collection of different beads both opaque as well as metallics. A delicate look for any contemporary Christmas tree!


There is nothing like old fashioned baubles on the Christmas tree. Taking inspiration from a Scandinavian style are these decoupage baubles. Each is handmade with a papier mache technique, partnered with a lovely teal blue silk ribbon. These decorations make for seasonal shabby chic at it’s finest!


Going for a seasonally chic look for the home this Christmas? Check out this red and white diamante snowflake! With the carved beads and facets gems it is the perfect delicate addition to a tree. Think about adding it as a subtle but stylish accent to the end of a bookshelf or fireplace.

A handmade Christmas is the way to go this year for a unique home style! 


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