Gorgeous gems!

We all love those sparklers! The pieces of jewellery that are encrusted in faceted gems which will shine brightly with every move that the wearer makes. Think of the most blingest statement ring you can think of and you will have an example of a very gorgeous set of gems. I love working with stones, whether they are precious or not. Some pieces of jewellery that I work with will only need one or two rhinestones to make them special, others can hold many more and stand out in any crowd!

Using beads as well as stones mixed together make for a lovely assorted look. This ring for me is the ideal example of this! There are a mixture of beads as well as stones in a variety of different purple shades. There is movement with this ring too, it’s not fixed so there is a lovely quiet rattle as it is worn. This cluster ring makes the best use of rhinestones as well as beads.

Steampunk is a look that uses all sorts of colours- not just in the metals but also when it comes to gems too. The selection of steampunk rings at Fruttituttibeadcandy feature some very cute coloured gemstones. These only brighten up the grey’s and brass shades on the watch parts themselves. This piece is highlighted with three stones, an aurora borealis cabochon, then the olive green and fuchsia pink. They prove that less really can be more in some cases!

Gemstones come in all shapes and sizes, Turquoise is a wonderful example of a non traditional gemstone. Its rich blue and green hue along with is smooth surface texture make it extra special. These beautiful shaped and polished beads are held together with decorative silver links. A bracelet that can be made to fit snugly on any sized wrist!

The other gemstone pieces in the collection are available at Fruttituttibeadcandy on Etsy. 


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