Doing chic contrast Gaga style!

Known for some of the world’s wackiest fashion, Lady Gaga has this week stunned in a slightly toned down look. But this does not mean that it is understated by any stretch of the imagination. This week the mother monster herself stepped out in a brilliant red jumpsuit complete with fashionable tie waist. It reminds me a little of Daryl Hannah as a mermaid in the 1984 movie ‘Splash’.

Her elegant nineteen eighties style was finished off with a matching pastel purple handbag with shoes and long wavy mermaid hair. But this is not all that the star did in a nautical theme, Lady Gaga’s seashell necklace was for me the icing on the cake!


This adorable long flapper style necklace has more than a hint of sandy tropical beaches to it. Created with a selection of perfectly preserved seashells, these and the handful of crystals and faceted beads make this piece a statement one. It is an unusual combination of the modern as well as the stylish shabby chic. This look works for me as it is a brilliant mixture of all things whimsical as well as chic. The harsh red of the jumpsuit is very hard edged and grown up, but when worn with the sea shell necklace, it instantly becomes softer and much more wearable. This is the power that just one necklace can have on an outfit is amazing!


Picking out a large necklace that features things that you love can be a good move, and can combine well with practically anything you wear it with. Take a necklace or bracelet with Alice in Wonderland themed trinkets as an example, wear this with a sharp office style suit for  a great contrasting look. Find this piece and more at Fruttituttibeadcandy on Etsy!



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