Wrist chic at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Jewellery comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. Who doesn’t love draping themselves in the long flapper style necklaces and dramatic fascinator head pieces. But there is something about the pieces that adorn our wrists. Fingers, palms and wrists all make fabulous places for bling to sit. Take a look at some of these more recent sparkling additions to the Fruttituttibeadcandy collection.


Cufflinks are a special way to add a hint of jewelled decadence to a man’s outfit without going over the top. Combine this with steampunk and one will have one of the most exciting looks for a modern outfit. The nice thing about this piece is the mix of rhinestone as well as the shiny steel of the watch parts. The two make a subtle but very effective combination when together. These sturdy cufflinks will literally go with any look, whether modern or a more classical one. A very chic stocking filler for the special man in your life!

Sticking with the theme of steampunk, on of the hottest trends to date is a steampunk watch. This bracelet example really works that antique effect. I adore how different shades of metal can work so well when placed together. Hee I mixed gun metal grey’s with rosy coppers and yellow brass colours. Also in there is the filigree surround of the clockface- vintage elegance at it’s best!

Rose golds are just as attractive in terms of jewels, it brings a real antique effect when worn. Here the beauty is in the detail. The smaller  cogs and wheels in this ring are very jewel-like! The light pink and baby blue stones only add glamour to this ring.

Take a look at these pieces and more in the Fruttituttibeadcandy collection!



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