Subtle sparklers for the season

The outlandish and statement bling bling is all well and good but there is something to be said about the smaller pieces of jewellery. Small and subtle does not equal invisible, that tiny pair of sparkling studs can be just as effective as the larger chandelier styled earrings. Here are some celebrities who know exactly how to work the ‘less is more’ style of jewellery: 

The Duchess of Cambridge does chic and smart.

The Duchess of Cambridge does chic and smart.

The Duchess of Cambridge has not long been in the limelight and she s already making a statement with her signature subtle style of jewellery. She is known for her very chic and figure flattering looks, the jewels that she does wear are small but very sophisticated. Small crystal drop earrings and that world famous blue sapphire engagement ring are all that she needs to finish of this outfit.



Rihanna wears a simple chunky gold necklace.

Rihanna is a star normally known for her sassy and statement outfits. You can see her dripping in the loudly styled gold jewels. However here she has toned it down with a simple gold chain to work perfectly with her very retro pin up girl style. Gold is a look that combines beautifully with practically every colour out there, especially in this case, the auburn of her hair as well as the vibrant ultramarine blue. Simply stunning, this single strand necklace goes a long way.

Emma Watson treads the red carpet accessorizing with a simple bling ear cuff.

Emma Watson has really blossomed over the past few years, taking on a style all of her own. She’s not afraid to experiment with the more quieter of pieces either. This is a photograph from a few years ago, but it still rings true with the stars current look. She is sporting a three pronged diamante ear cuff, its the sort of piece that would make many want to do a double take. It’s small but most definitely noticeable.

So that one attention grabbing piece can be more than enough. For more subtle and chic pieces of jewellery check out Fruttituttibeadcandy for more ideas on doing the ‘less is more’ look this season.


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