Stuning new additions at Fruttituttibeacandy

The season of giving is just around the corner, even if you have already done your Christmas shopping there’s no stopping you from glamming up your wrists with some very glittery arm candy. Christmas is after all is a time of sparkle! There are some very lovely new accessories at Fruttituttibeadcandy too! Here are a few for you to choose from, whether as gifts for friends or loved ones (and even as a sneaky Christmas pressie for yourself!)

The Kumihimo is everything a trendy bracelet should be! It has a delectable cord made from silken threads. There are silver findings on the piece to add to the preciousness of it. The idea of cameo’s have always intrigued me. The vintage as well as the monochrome style is a chic one. This bracelet comes complete with vintage styled cameo and leaf charm which finishes it off nicely.

Speaking of chic, the black pearl Swarovski bracelet takes effortless chic to a new level! This Balinese styled arm candy is created to fit almost any sized wrist. The pearls just add a glamour to the piece that one just cant find anywhere else! Just slip it on and wear with a collection of other bracelets. But this piece works well alone as statement jewellery!


Christmas is on the door step and with it are a range of very seasonal colours. The deep greens as well as earthy browns. Most notably the deep berry reds along with all things glimmering! This stunning piece combines the two. the metallic red of the square beads along with the bright silver of the wire connecting links. The absolute perfect piece for any seasonal outfit!

Take a look at the new pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy on Etsy or via the Facebook page!.


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