Made to order gifts for one and all!

Finding the right Christmas gift can feel almost impossible! With less than two months to go before the big day, frantic Christmas shoppers will be out seeking the perfect gift for friends and loved ones. While store bought goods may bring a smile to their faces on the big day, there is nothing quite like a gift that is handmade. Even more particularly- made to order! The chances  that some one else has the same piece of jewellery will be minimal, your present really will be one of a kind! Take a look at some of the made to order pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy:


Steampunk as a style is all about the individual and unique. Clockwork cogs and wheel pieces will be fitted together to create the most individual designs imaginable. These earrings are a perfect example when it comes to ‘made to order’. These earrings come with different designs as well as coloured gem stones. The brass against the facets mean that this stunning set of earrings will sparkle as much as the wearer! The absolute ideal gift for a good friend who has a taste for all things steampunk!


Swallows are a symbolic creature and can be found on accessories everywhere. I particularly love the swallow print on Rockabilly style dresses one can find. This necklace uses elements of steampunk with this universal icon to create a statement piece that will dress up any outfit. This piece is made to order so the colours of th gems can be varied as well as the length of the chain.


Party season is here, creating the perfect dress and accessories combo to go wild in is a must. Fascinators can help with this, thy are bold, dramatic and make more than a statement when worn out. I love working with feathers as well as beads and faceted gems. These combine to make some of the most extravagant and stylishly outlandish headpieces seen.

Looking for a gift or something a little different to go with you party outfit this season? Have something made to order!


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