Ethnic elegance for autumn

There is something so ethereal about those eastern inspired jewels. I adore working with the filigree styled emblems and the coloured beads that are so prominent in these pieces. The darker metals can make these pieces mysterious in their own unique way. It is these small, subtle but very important aspects that can make those bohemian styled pieces of jewellery really stand out. Take this beaded chain and pendant as an example. The small glass droplet beads make the chain of this piece sparkle beautifully, while the centre piece is this mandala like sun pendant.


Ethnic jewellery is all about the colours. But this does not mean a hole host of colourful gemstones- instead why not think about adding together different metallic shades? Here blackened metal combines very stylishly with a bright gold. These earrings are created in a traditional diamond shape. One can find these emblems on all manner of different patterned walls and mosaics around the Mediterranean. These earrings are chic enough to be worn with an ethnic inspired outfit- think an embellished kaftan as well as a long bohemian dress.


As well as wearing all things ethnic on a chain or as a pair of earrings, there is always the option of making a statement on your wrists. Chainmaille is the ultimate ethnic style accessory to have. Especially so in this case! Check out the finer colours encased within the gold. It is exactly as it’s name suggests and represents all things to do with summer.

Although we are in the middle of autumn- there has never been a better time to rock that ethnic style! Perfect for party season.


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