Tailor made jewellery for you at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Searching for the perfect gift is not always the easiest of tasks. However a piece of jewellery can be the perfect gift if it is one for a special friend. Its a very personal gift, one that caters for the receivers personality. A piece of jewellery if looked after can also act as a keepsake, something that will last for many years to come. Is your friend someone who loves all things ostentatious? Perhaps their taste in jewellery is a subtle and understated one? In any case one can go further by creating a piece of that is tailor made specifically to the wearer’s wrists or finger size. This shows that extra care has gone into the choosing of this gift, this only serves to make any piece of jewellery even more special when given as a gift.

Chainmaill is an essential piece for any jewellery box. First and foremost it is hardwearing and secondly it is a type of chain or necklace that can fit very comfortably. If it is Chainmaille that you will be choosing as a gift, it is worthwhile finding out if the wearer likes to wear their necklaces loose or a little more snug in a choker style. The perfect size could be a matter of a removing or adding a few links, something that can be done very easily by me for you.

Jewelry Necklace Chenille Purple Lavender Lilac fabric beads Silver chunky Chain Jewellery statement piece everyday necaklace

Jewelry Necklace Chenille Purple Lavender Lilac fabric beads Silver chunky Chain Jewellery statement piece everyday necaklace

Although the pieces available on the website have a standard set of beads and length of chain like above, there is nothing stopping you from placing a custom order with me. I am more than happy to recreate the perfect piece for you. Although the chenille purple beads are uniform in appearance, they can be added to other styles and shapes of beads. This also goes for the length of chain too, it can be lengthened or shortened to requirement.

Weddings are the perfect example of special days. Whether you are attending the wedding of a friend or it is your own wedding day! You will want a piece of jewellery that is made just for the day! Fan of the pinkish tinted pearls? Have a long flapper style necklace made from these pearly beads!

Get in touch with me directly and find out more on creating the perfect tailor made piece for you at Fruttituttubeadcandy!


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