Steampunk rings at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Steampunk rings offer us a intricate combination of the decadent clockwork with the functionality of a ring. What is there not to love about these mot decadent of adornments? I adore working with the various different watch parts, creating the right base for them as well as adding the finishing touches. This could range from a brightly enameled base right the way to small faceted rhinestones on the watch parts themselves. Here are just some of my favorite examples:

It’s not just the cogs and wheels that make these rings stand out. The three rhinestones add all things precious to this ring. Set at the centre of the cogs, these stones bring more than a little sparkle to the ring. The gun metal grey of the watch parts match that of the setting and ring itself. Whether this ring is worn as part of a steampunk outfit or alone, its a superb way to show off your own unique style!

Speaking of style, there is also the worn look of watch parts that give it bags of personality! It’s the small scratches and the finer details that make these clockwork parts special. Take a look at the SEIKO 17 JEWELS detailing on this piece, along with the smaller watch part codes. Although originally used as functioning reasons, it’s these smaller details that make the ring something special.

Brighten up the traditional steel looking steampunk with a hint of luminous yellow! The adjustable ring itself with the gems as well as the watch part itself make up a very cheery looking piece. This is steampunk with a quirky modern twist. Wear this with the rest of your gummy bracelets and bright wristwear to jazz up your look!

Love the look of steampunk? Take a look at the rest of the collection of groovy rings and jewellery on offer at Fruttituttibeadcandy.


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