Halloween Gothic at Fruttituttibeadcandy

It’s the begnning of October and there is no better time to start planning one’s Halloween outfit. Do you have a stylish event to attend on the 31st at a swanky bar or club? Perhaps you will be out trick or treating this year? Having the right accessories is paramount for a ghoulishly great night out! What will you be stepping out in this All-Hallows Eve?

Get your glam on this Halloween with this green and blue metallic chainmaille bracelet. Understated chic at it’s best, remember that your piece can be custom made to fit snugly on your wrist. You will hardly know that it is there! Wear as a single item with any LBD or more fiendishly fantastical outfit for Samhain night!

Green is one of the most versatile of colours. You can get that great zombie green or the ones that represent nature. This bracelet has it all, wear it on Halloween night to spruce up your scary costume. Alternatively wear it during the day to really glamourise those wrists! The green pearl bracelet is a mus have for that seasonal jewellery box!

Speaking of ‘Sprucing’ things up, take a look at the delectable range of bag charms that are available at Fruttittuttibeadcandy. A particular favorite of mine is this very deep green cluster bag charm. The strong colour on the faceted beads make this piece a winner. The cluster look means that I am able to play with different shapes of beaded jewels. Finished off with a tidy organza ribbon, show off your love for all things zombie but in the most elegant of ways!

Place your order with Fruttituttibeadcandy now to have it delivered well in time for the 31st October!


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