Picking the right gems for you

With a huge selection of different gems and semi precious stones out there it can be difficult to know which is the right one for you. Quite often people will say that they are ‘drawn’ to a stone, this could be down to frequency or simply the colour or shape of a gem. Take a look at turquoise, it’s stunning colour and surface texture make it one of the mot sought after semi precious stones available on the market right now. A stone that has been used for hundreds of years in fact, popular because o it’s very attractive blue colour.

I adore working with stones that I feel drawn too, designing pieces with their various characteristics in mind is half the fun!


Pink is a colour that almost everyone love, it’s just so feminine! This pair of earrings have some of the most prettiest pinks around. The combination of the pearls with the faceted beads make this a wonderful set to be worn anywhere. Even if the rest of your outfit does not include these colours, the versatility of these subtle shades will go with everything!


It’s not just those precious pinks that make for alluring stones. Glass beads can be just as pretty! These oval and round glass beads work beautifully with the brass clocks and teapot of this Alice in Wonderland inspired bracelet! It’s chunky as well as fitted so the perfect accompaniment to any outfit!


Pearls are a natural stone that everyone adores. There is something about the shiny smooth surface and the naturally dented surface.  This bracelet shows off the stones with a wire wrapped mount, simple chic and very effective!

Take a look at Fruttituttibeadcandy to find the right gem for you!




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