Seasonal chic at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

This week has definitely heralded the end of summer! With those foggy early mornings! Nothing says Autumn like that chill in the air. But on the plus side there are all the wonderful colours found in nature. Take a look at the burnt oranges and the attractive dull gold-like yellows that can be found on leaves. The dark browns of the twigs and earth itself. Why not try reflecting these colours in your outfit? Here are some idea’s on how to get great autumn accessorizing style!


This ring is the epitome of autumn. There are all the colours here that one would normally associate with this time of year. The burnt sienna, the amber shades and deep berry browns. Created with carnelian and glass beads, the ring sits beautifully on any finger. The ring created in a gun metal silver is adjustable too.


Sticking with the theme of ring’s and we have a stunning autumnal inspired steampunk ring. This is created with a stylish combination of delicate watch parts as well as faceted rhinestones all set on the bright turmeric shaded base. Tough enough to worn everyday as well as on those special occasions!


Red Agate is a colour that naturally lends itself to the season. Its dark sultry brown tone make it a very attractive stone, one that I love working with! Here it is combined with the equally stylish lava rock in the form of shaped beads. I teamed the richness of both of these with gold wire swirls as links. A statement necklace that will more than catch attention when worn!

Love this seasonal style? Take a look at some of my other creations inspired by this time of year!


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