Ceebrity style: Autumnal golds

Cher Lloyd sporting some big golden bling this week.

Cher Lloyd sporting some big golden bling this week.

Picking out the right jewels for an outfit is not always an easy task. But with their teams of wardrobe assistants the celebrities always seem to get it right. Here for example we see Cher Lloyd sporting a large gold chain with her shimmering 1920’s style dress. It’s adorably simple and more than does the job. Gold accents on one’s outfits make a bold and brash statement this season. You will not find the subtle threads, instead they will be out there for the world to see.

Gold does not have to be overly shiny to grab one’s attention this season. Look at the combination of subtle colours found in nature throughout the autumn and winter- the reddish brown shades on the leaves for example. This statement ring has all those golden autumnal shades at it’s core. Created from faceted as well as round smooth beads, there are even a few opalescent beads thrown in for good measure. A lovely ring special enough for any occasion and strong enough to be worn everyday.

September and October are months when the shiny jewels will really start coming into their own. The gold chains connecting each bead are what makes this bracelet something- combine this with each of the rich purple and pink pearlescent beads that adorn this bracelet. Its all held together with a very gold sliding lock clasp- is there anything about this bracelet that is not pure glamour? A stunning piece that can be all the accessorizing that is needed!

For really gold gold look no further than the Chainmaille Summer Bracelet. Hand made n a Chainmaille style, it looks almost woven. In with the gold are brightly coloured anodized jump rings for a hint of the eclectic. A thick chunky bracelet that will bring a style of stylish armour to one’s wrists. The gold on this piece will stand out as part of your unique look. The tough and chic Chainmaille Indian summer bracelet will see you through all of the cooler season into next year and well beyond.

Love what you see? Take a look at the rest of the collection of golds at Fruttituttibeadcandy


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