Giant Jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Lady Gaga sporting some more classical pieces of jewellery.

Lady Gaga sporting some more classical pieces of jewellery.

Big bling is hot! But you don’t need me to tell you that. Take a look at what some of today’s celebrities are wearing. These are the trendsetters that we all know and love- Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jesse J and even Miley Cyrus in her own unique way! I adore how they bring a unique spin to the more traditional bolder pieces of jewellery.

Although bigger does not always mean better, there certainly is something about the larger pieces of jewellery that make them special. For a start they stand out and say something about it’s wearers style. They also tend to be bigger and brighter in colour and surface texture too. This means as a jeweller designer I can experiment with various different styles and looks in a bolder style than with the tiny daintier pieces. I love the larger beads that combine with the smaller ones on this ring design. The mix of colour, surface texture as well as size create a vibrant statement piece!

Layering jewelery is also a great trend. It’s a way in which the ‘big bling’ look can be achieved with the smaller pieces. Simply gather up all those delicate looking chains and bracelets. Wear them all at one to get that super cool arm bling. The great thig here is that you can mix and match styles of arm candy. Team up elegant ladylike pearls with bohemian beads! Take a look at this copper and turquoise example. It is layered in it’s nature and can be worn alone to get the multi-strand look. There is also the chance to wear it with your other jewels with an eclectic outfit.

Speaking about eclectic, take a look at these quirky Unakite gems. This is a semi precious stone with a real earthy feel especially with the bright pinks and greens. It’s a neckpiece that stands out all on it’s own and creates a unique network of strands. There is a little of the ‘layering’ look here too.

Big up that Bling at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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