What your jewels say about you…

Picking out the right piece for that outfit can be a fun task- this is especially if you happen to be planning that outfit for that night on the town. Perhaps you have been invited to that sleek soiree? In any case have you ever wondered what your jewels say about you. Its a fact that we all judge people on the way that they look, their style of dress and how they wear it.

Bigger bolder colours can indicate a flamboyant personality, or perhaps someone with a love of the crafts. Smaller pieces might show that someone has thought about the finer details. Although there are no hard and fast rules to translating one’s jewellery, there is a general idea. Take a few of these examples from Fruttituttibeadcandy:

Although a piece with Christmas and the festive season in mind, this is a bracelet that can be donned all year round. Fairy lights after all are a bit hit in interiors at the moment. These quirky coloured lamp light beads make the perfect accompaniment to go with absolutely anything. The bright primary colours make it universal in appeal too. It’s wearer will be someone who appreciates colour and all the flair that this brings to any outfit.


Waterfall necklaces are known to express total flair when worn. They are showy and ostentatious- just the sort of thing that we love! This stunning piece is no exception. There are the bigger opaque beads that sit at the base of the piece. These filter down into the smaller faceted and translucent beads that hang low. These are all connected with a series of elaborate gold pins. It’s fine antique and vintage in style and definitely a one off just like the woman who wears it! The green beaded waterfall choker can suit anything from a retro flapper dress to accenting a modern office skirt suit.

Everyone loves bird motifs in jewellery! Although delicately feminine they are just so fashionable right now. Take these two birds on a branch building their nest for the arrival of their eggs. It’s a fresh springtime look that can work year round. This piece is fun and frivolous, but made extremely chic with the two Aurora Borealis faceted hearts at each end. The perfect piece of alternative wedding jewellery, this piece will express a certain kind of eclectic style. One that is unique to the wearer!

Pick out your own custom made original piece from fruttituttibeadcandy!


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