Chic colour at Fruttituttibeadcandy

There is simply nothing better than working with colour. The right one can bring any piece of jewellery to life especially as it is being worn. Bright vibrant shades are enticing and can work on all types of body adornment. For me I enjoy seeing colour become a part of the overall outfit. It is exciting and something that is kept in mind as I work on the jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy. Here are just some examples of how versatile colour can be!



Colour on metal 

This makes for not only a protective layer for the base metal but also a super chic style!  This is a step beyond the anodized colours on aluminium. Instead you have a full colour block like in the case of this orange steampunk style ring. While the gem stones and the intricate watch movement is so stunning there is something about the full on base. The orange brings a punky decadent feel to this design, along with the filigree look it’s a great Victorian aesthetic. This ring comes in a variety of different shades too.

Colour on glass 

There is something so special about glass coloured beads. They are just as precious in style as any beads, especially with colour. The way that the light reflects through the glass is something that has been picked up on many thousands of years ago- just take a look at the traditional stained glass windows. The same glorious effect can be had around your wrists as well as on the neckline. Combining two or more different shades of glass beads can work well- take this pretty example! The scarlet red looks amazing when hanging from the clear beads. A lovely piece perfect for any handbag.


Colour on material

Organza is one of the most luxurious materials around. Its as soft as silk in some cases with the look of a gauze-like fabric. It is especially lush when it comes in ribbon form. This green ribbon makes a wonderful alternative to a chain. It has the added advantage of being adjustable. But the most attractive thing about this ribbon is it’s fresh green colour. It’s deep and rich, the perfect shade to go with practically everything. This lovely green ribbon is attached to a set of matching glass green beads- all in all a lovely piece for those special occasions.

For more cool colours take a look at the Fruttituttibeadcandy Etsy shop.



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